Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update #2: Japan (Letter to Ambassador Families)

Below is an open letter from our president, Peg Thomas, to those delegation members and their family who are scheduled to travel to Japan this summer. With many students traveling to Japan this summer, we are focused on ensuring an open and engaging conversation with the families about this disaster and the unfolding ramifications.

Dear Ambassador family,

Overnight we have seen the crisis in Japan continue to develop and there is no shortage of news and opinions all around us. I want to assure everyone connected to People to People Ambassador Programs that we are working with a global network of experts to determine our response to this situation. At the forefront, the safety of our delegates and leaders continues to guide our decision making.

Late yesterday we had a conference call with leaders currently scheduled to travel to Japan where we learned a lot about how our families are reacting to the earthquake and the resulting impact to several nuclear power plants in Japan. We understand that there is a lot of concern and confusion about the potential safety of traveling to the impacted area this summer. I want to reiterate that unless we are confident that our programs in Japan can be offered without risk, we will not be sending anyone to that area. In the meantime, I’m asking you to look to your primary leader as your point of contact. We are working closely with your leaders to explore options as we are in constant contact with our global network of experts to determine the right course of action. I want to remind you that as of March 11, 2011, we have suspended the penalties for withdrawal for families currently enrolled in a delegation going to Japan and encourage all of you to hold tight while we investigate the options.

We have heard from many of our friends and partners that are on the ground in Japan and are pleased to report that they are alright and managing through this uncertain time. We recognize that the rapidly changing situation is unsettling and ask for your patience and support as we face this challenge together. Please follow our commentary on the crisis by continuing to visit this Health and Safety Blog.

Thank you,

Peg Thomas
President, People to People Ambassador Programs

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